MyScript Web Components is a library of customized and customizable Web Components. It offers real flexibility as you can choose the components you want to use and ignore those you do not need. It enables you to quickly integrate handwriting recognition in your web application. Recognition is based on MyScript Cloud which can be easily accessed through MyScriptJS. This process happens behind the scenes of MyScript Web Components.

MyScript Web Components is available for free on GitHub and includes a Getting started guide as well as a Reference guide (API) for text and for math.


To make requests using MyScript Web Components, you need:

  • strong HTML skills,
  • an application key and an HMAC key, which are provided once you register (see Registration page),
  • an Internet connection, in order for requests to be sent and received to and from the server. However, the application does not need to be Web-based.

Tools & developer dependencies


Bower is a tool that manages all your frameworks, libraries, assets and utilities. It works by fetching and installing packages from all over, taking care of hunting, finding, downloading, and saving the stuff you are looking for.

We strongly recommend that you use Bower.


webcomponents.js is a set of polyfills built on top of the Web Components specifications. It enables developers to use these standards across most browsers.


MyScriptJS is a free set of Javascript libraries, used to provide an easy and quick implementation of online handwriting recognition. It works directly with MyScript Cloud, but its role is to simplify its access as it only needs a valid application key, ink coordinates (XY) and possibly their corresponding timestamp (T).

If you wish to contribute and/or customize MyScript Web Components, using MyScriptJS is mandatory. Go to the MyScript forum for more information.