MyScript Cloud is an HTTP-based set of services, providing handwriting recognition. It is based on a REST architecture and also on WebSocket networking that use the MyScript recognition engine in a client-server configuration. It can be used to provide handwriting recognition in many software applications, whether they are deployed on the Internet, desktops, or mobile devices.

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To make requests using MyScript Cloud, you will need (not provided):

  • an HTTP or WebSocket client,
  • a JSON parser/writer,
  • an Internet connection, in order for requests to be sent and received to and from the server. However, your application does not need to be Web-based.

Recognition types

MyScript Cloud can recognize different kinds of input: text or shapes or math or music or text + shapes.

Paris, France TEXT -b±√b²-4ac 2a SHAPE MUSIC MATH ANALYZER
The scratch-out gesture is supported in Math, meaning that the end user can erase a character, a shape, a symbol, etc. by scratching it out. To see a working example of MyScript Cloud, visit our WebDemo site and try out our handwriting recognition in a variety of situations.

Reference guide (API)

See the Reference guide (API) for MyScript Cloud.